Thursday, 6 September 2012


I received lots of feedback from reddit yesterday when I inflicted my comic upon them, so here are some updates, changes and announcements!

New Comic Weekly
Now that I have a few completed comics, I will be sticking to a weekly schedule. You will find a new comic released every Wednesday. Keep an eye out!

I have never been happy with the name Fail Priest. It felt very unoriginal, but I expected that it would only have a few followers so I didn't worry too much. However, it has received a much larger response than I had anticipated, and especially following a comment yesterday pointing out what a mundane name it is I decided it had best change sooner rather than later.
So, step aside Fail Priest and welcome Zero Healing per Second (ZHPS)! I will be slowly changing everything associated with Fail Priest to be ZHPS, so I hope you didn't all get too attached to the name *guilty face*,

Art Style
As mentioned above, I didn't expect so many people to view and follow my comic, so I've been left feeling a little embarrassed by some of the artwork featured in it! (check out my deviantART and you'll see it's enormously simplified compared to my normal style)
I will be spending a little more time on them from now on now that I have a week in between submissions, and if you keep a look out you'll see my existing comics get a facelift.


  1. Personally, i kinda like the simplified version of your comics as well!!

  2. Also, you might consider an RSS or something like that, for us to follow you :)

    1. Thank you, that's good to hear ^^ I won't be over complicating them, then making them a little less lazy-looking ^^

      That sounds like a good idea, I thought that blogger enabled that. How can I set up an RSS feed? :3

    2. Well, atom feeds appear to be set up already. Depending on what the person might need it for, the atom feeds at the bottom of the pages could be enough. There appear to be a few ways with Blogger to set up RSS 2.0 though, including a somewhat vague setting in one of your setting windows, and the ability for users to force RSS by changing the atom link at the bottom of the pages.,mod=11&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 (rss vs atom comparisons) (forces your atom feed to rss)

    3. Ooh, thank you so much for all the information! I'll take a look at that in the morning and see if I can set it up :)