Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hello, and welcome to Fail Priest!

My name is Rachel Mead, and I play a Blood Elf Priest in World of Warcraft. I've had itchy feet for a while now; I follow many fantastic players online and I have wished to be one of them with thousands of people enjoying and seeking advice from my updates. But for around a week now, I have been faced with the disappointing realisation that I had nothing of any interest to write about. I will never be as good as those other players- I have no strengths to play up to.

And that was when the idea struck me- perhaps my lack of strengths is my strength. No matter how hard I try in game, my friends and me always have a good giggle about my frequent dumbness, and everything seems to go wrong for me. So, why not combine my strength in art and my weakness in common sense to create a web comic of the trouble my Priest, Kyrianna, is so often landed in? So, here are my memoires in cheesy web-comic form. 

Enjoy your visit!


  1. Creative & very original ...
    Nice job & Looking forward for more comics :)

    1. Thank you very much! Keep an eye out every Wednesday ^^